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Today organizations are moving to a matrix org structure instead of hierarchical org structure. This leads to many indirect reportings and at the end of it, brings lot of subjectivity to performance management. The subjectivity in turn leads to more of perception management which has a bigger bearing on performance management.

In such situations, how can perception of multiple stakeholders be managed better.

Michael Peggs

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Hi Deepti,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and a personal branding enthusiast. The short answer to your question is that perception is reality, and everyone might look at you differently given individual interactions. You're 100% correct that there are often dotted lines to individuals that might influence, and even sponsor, our careers. I want to remind you that your first priority is to impress your 'official' manager, first focus on home.

Then, it's about choosing one other thing to do well. What other project or interest has the most reach across teams and organizations within your company? Where can you excel, touch multiple stakeholders and share a genuine story with quantifiable success metrics?

There will always be a quantitative aspect to performance reviews, but if you have the opportunity to create an opportunity where you define success then you're shaping how people perceive your performance.


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Nick Gagalis

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Following the suggestions that Michael provided (defining your success), here are a few posts of ours that can help you.

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