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I studied Computer Engineering at Uni and then worked in web design/development/admin for 5-6 years. 
But I've been living in Japan and teaching English for the last 6 years. 

It doesn't really have any potential for a decent salary or long term growth, so I'd like to go back home and get into something more stable and rewarding, but I've been out of the game for a long time. 

Is it best to get back into web design, or start looking at a totally new career, or try to find something related to training/education that could use my recent work experience? 

I also face the additional barrier of being overseas. Does anyone have any experience of applying for jobs remotely? Any recommendations or advice? 

I now have family to support, so I can't just head back without any job and hope that something turns up. 
Amanda Haddaway

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Follow your passion! For many of us, a career path is not a linear route, but rather one that has many curves and bumps along the way. If you're excited about getting back into web design, then pursue that. If you're interested in continuing in education, that's certainly a viable option, too.

I would advise that you include your relocation plans in a cover letter. You might also consider opening a P.O. Box in the city/state/metropolitan area that you hope to move to once you land a new position so that you have a "local presence." I wouldn't worry too much about not being physically present for interviews. More and more employers are using Skype and other similar technologies to conduct interviews with candidates who aren't in their same location. It may mean having a super early or really late interview due to time zone differences, but that would be the only issue that I foresee.
Nick Gagalis

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Thanks for asking your question. Maybe these posts about relocating for a job will help.

Job Relocation: 5 Tips For Changing Cities

Applying For An Out-Of-State Job

Moving? 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search

I’m Relocating, What Should My Resume Say?

Let us know what we can do to lend a hand. Thanks again for your participation!

CAREEREALISM User Experience & Content Manager

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Thanks for the advice. 

I'm not entirely sure what my passion is yet, but i'm working on finding out. 

Would you think it would be easier to get back into something I did 6 years ago, or to start in something new? 
Or no difference? 

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