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I need some advice.

Someone with my same name (and who lives in the same state) committed an awful crime and was arrested for it.  When you Google my name several articles about it pop up in the search results, pretty highly too (as in first page, maybe 5 down at the most).  

Is there anything I can do to rectify this?  I'm not an angel, but I have never done anything awful in my life, and certainly not to the extent of what these articles are about.  I am worried that perspective clients may see this, or possible future employers, and think that it is me.
Amanda Haddaway

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You're smart to be concerned about this because more and more employers are doing informal background checks on candidates before they interview and/or extend an offer. Since the person who committed the crimes isn't you, be proactive in sharing that information. Speak with your recruiter about what types of checks are conducted on prospective hires. If the recruiter tells you that the company does use Google to find basic information about candidates, then let the recruiter know that you share a name with someone who has a checkered past. 

The company should be able to verify that you're telling the truth because your Social Security number and birth date are different from the person in question. If the company does a formal background check, they'll use this data, as well as your driver's license number to verify who you are.
Nick Gagalis

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Amanda is right. Even though someone else with a checkered past shares your name, you will be able to get through it with the proper moves. We have a few articles about digital dirt and personal branding that you might find useful. Let us know what you think of them!

8 Steps For Removing Digital Dirt

How To Bury Digital Dirt

6 Ways To Find Your Digital Dirt Before Your Employer

Managing Digital Dirt Online

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Michael Peggs

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Hi mgrinehart,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and you can actually manage your reputation by contacting Google directly. I have not pursued the process myself, but you can ask Google to remove unwanted content. You can learn more at

Another suggestion is to build your online presence so that your blog, LinkedIn, articles and other profiles appear higher in the search than the negative articles. Part of this is content creation and some of it is Search Engine Optimization, but it's another path you might consider.


Learn more by visiting

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Hi mgrinehart

You can use Search Engine Optimization. If you don't help this system then just inform me, I have another idea.
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