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Good Day,

Please find below 2 queries

My colleague is junior and 1 grade lower than me. We both were offered for relocation to another country. As per company policy for relocation the same equivalent grade will be offered where as he was upgraded and myself same (existing) grade.  Ideally either both of our grade should be same as existing or If he is upgraded mine also should be upgraded.

Query 1 :- How to bring to the management OR HR attention that there seems inequality in offer ?

Query 2 :- In case management says how I know about my coworker salary/grade is higher than mine? Then what would be the answer. Although I don't know exact figures of my colleague but we shared benefits which we will be getting and found that due to upgrade junior co worker grade is now same as mine. How to tackle this while discussion.

Grateful if you could advise.


Nick Gagalis

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Thanks for posting your question here on the forum. I already emailed these suggested posts to you, but I figured I would share the links for anyone else who may be in a similar situation. Hopefully the experts will share their opinions here too.

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