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Hi all. Tricky this as there`s a lot involved so please bear with me. Just after thoughts/advice really as im a complete mess. 

Ive done the same job for 21 years, straight from school, and ive recently got into trouble for posting things online about my place of work. It was all generic, no names where named etc, but someone worked out it was me, and printed off all my 2000+ posts from over the last 5 years, gave it the boss and now im suspended for gross misconduct. 

Its not looking good, it reads pretty badly, but what ive posted is what I thought was the truth, ie rumours etc, but there are underlying factors, namely a bad stutter and possible autism spectrum, moved towns 10 yrs ago, and never made any friends. Wife works late hours, and im alone most of the time. The autism aspect would possibly explain why I didnt realise what i posting was wrong, believed rumours to be true, and my stutter means I struggle in social situations, means I found it easier to vent my frustration online rather than in the workplace. Ive got a doctors appt to get reffered to a specialist to see how bad my autism is, if indeed I have it all, but my wife is trained with special needs kids and has said for years that im on the autistic spectrum. Ive done 2 online adult autism tests, both say if you score over 32 your autistic, and I scored 38 and 42. I may well keep my job, though its doubtful at this stage of events. 

So I find myself completely unskilled, I have a stutter, and probably autism, its not noticeable its just I really struggle in social aspects, like meeting the public, meeting new people, ive always hated going out, even to get my kids from the school, i feel very nervous. I cant drive, and im not very open, though when I am im pretty full on. Im 38, and had 1 interview in my life.

Ive no idea where to turn regarding the worst case and I get sacked. Im a hard worker and get on with whatever task im given. Im 6ft6 and quite strong, but my back isnt the best given my current jobs 21yrs strain on my back. Ive never had problems with my work.

All in all I dont rate myself very much, but I have a huge mortgage and 3 kids to support. I simply cant affords to train for a skill as i`ll go under pretty soon, getting behind with bills etc. Im on around £300 a week at the moment, and all of it used for bills/food, whilst the wifes wage pays the mortgage.

Any advice, ideas ?

cheers in advance

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This has never happened to me but I can see how it could happen. Because our work relationships we form during the long hours together; we talk and soon there is a pattern things we say, etc. We all know people and if anyone of them is online they can put two and two together pretty quickly and that is how easy it is to get in trouble at work. It is better not to post anything personal online because it is a written statement and can and will be used against you. There as a conversation while it can be misconstrued unless overheard by prying earing is harder to prove.
Michael Peggs

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Hi AlwaysClueless,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I advise you continue meeting with your doctors and specialist to obtain a formal diagnosis. In the event you are Autistic and your employment is permanently suspended, you may have a wrongful termination case if your employer knowingly discriminated against your condition. Your challenge, however, is that you must prove your employee knew you were Autistic and it seems that you yourself are not 100% certain.

Any diagnosis can be overwhelming, including Autism. There are local meetups and support groups filled with professional counselors that can help with your current situation. Most importantly, there are individuals who have walked in your shoes and can provide guidance and support.

It's easier said then done, but focus first on your personal health. It will be harder to support your family in the long-term if you're unable to support yourself.


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