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I decided to leave my job because I was committing 16+ hours a day to a role I was in for 5+ years (straight after uni) and not feeling the benefits. Although I was succeeding in my work and making money for the company, I felt I was becoming someone I didn't want to be and started resenting myself - because of the hours, feeling so tired, not having a life outside of work, not seeing friends and family and not seeing the financial rewards etc.

It is one year on. In that timeframe I have been doing some volunteering and also freelanced. But it hasn't been as fulfilling year as I had hoped. I just can't get back into things and I can't help but panic that a year has passed and I've completely ruined my career and nobody will hire me. I feel like my CV is strong, my experience is great; however I find companies are judgemental about the field I worked in (media/ent) and can't see how my experience is relevant and can work for their company (i worked in marketing dept) and I am starting to feel like I should regret my decision to leave.

In the last 4 months I have interviewed for two jobs - both were a two month process and I felt I was so close to getting. The first one ended up telling me they decided they weren't going to hire someone anymore(!) and the second one I got to the 3rd round (which I thought was the final round), presented my ideas in an interview, was told I was through to the final round and then told 2 weeks later they have found someone else (whilst they still have my ideas I presented)

After some help and guidance to get me back on to the right path!

UK based - under 30
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Thanks for sharing your issue with the CAREEREALISM community. You certainly aren't alone in that regard! I was underemployed in the marketing world before I got my job here. You were right to strike a work-life balance by transitioning out of a time-sucking job that you didn't enjoy.

I'm sure there are things you've learned in the past year that can help you keep up-to-date with marketing, like the blogs you've read, any webinars you've attended or videos you've watched. If you've had anything in particular that you've wanted to get action out of a bunch of people on social media, then you've had a project to potentially learn from (and/or talk about in an interview). Do whatever you can to learn and practice the things you learned at your job, and try a different networking strategy.

The job I got at CAREEREALISM was never posted publicly. I interned for J.T. a few years ago, and had kept in touch with her every few months, usually with an article I thought she'd find interesting or by mentioning a typo in one of the posts on this site. See if you can rekindle some business relationships with people that admired your work.

If after all of that you'd still like some career coaching, feel free to check out our sister site, CareerHMO, which is designed for people of any skill level, age, gender or region to find out what they do/like best and get a job in that field.

I hope this helps!

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