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For almost 2 years, my current role as a senior consultant/project manager on the same project on client site daily in a secure environment that is on its last legs has been stunted with no room for growth, the small company does not offer professional development nor other project roles. I take online courses to keep my mind stimulated and foster my own learning. Network, tailor resumes and cover letters to specific roles, use proper follow up etiquette. LI has become a waste as many people in leadership positions with companies of interest, including recruiters, don't respond and I think it is unprofessional. Credentials include: BBA in Finance, Information Systems, Master's Degree, 5+ years in management consulting including 2 years with a Big 4, experience domestic and abroad in program/project management, technology, strategy, operations, market research, business analysis, system integration, leadership certifications, volunteer in the community, etc. I've been actively seeking new growth leadership roles. While I do receive calls from recruiters, they say I have a great resume, personality, would be a good culture fit; when I follow up, nothing. Also want to relocate. The consulting world allows one to obtain a broad skill set and unique experiences and I'm not really sure what is going on anymore. All of the optimism comes and goes daily. Sitting here continues to devalue my brand and I want out.

What is the best way to sell yourself for transition from public sector consulting to commercial consulting? Transition into a corporate role in general?

Thank you for your feedback.

Excited to leave cog life[smile]
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