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I am an out of work (18+ months), full time student, also seeking employment. I am transitioning from extensive professional experience in the insurance industry into HR. The majority of my professional experience translates well into various HR capacities.  I live in a combo of a smallish rural/suburban county that is seeking a HR "analyst" and based on the job description would essentially be a support position, or assistant.

With my combination of education and experience I feel I am a great candidate, and given the demographics of the county this would be an awesome entry level opportunity for me as I continue towards my degree. I have 48 credit hours towards my AS thus far.

They have my resume and application, and I have sent 1 follow up approx. 2 weeks ago. It was intentionally very pithy so as not to be construed as 'nagging', yet still interested.

I would like to follow up again, seeing as how the position is still showing open (they keep the positions listed as open, until filled) but this time being more precise and reiterating my skills....i.e. making another marketing pitch without regurgitating my initial cover letter, and how I can help them...yada yada yada. I feel they may be a little overwhelmed in that department currently since they obviously have this opening and a reception position in the same department. I am trying to find a way to convey I am the solution to their current staffing needs. I am having difficulty finding the right way to do this due to the lack of specific HR experience.

Any advice is appreciated!
Michael Peggs

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Hi cyndilou,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I love the fact that you're not giving up! Everyone sends a follow-up note/email. What can you do to be different? Even in a small town, it's important to stand out and differentiate your candidacy. Did you write a blog, review a video or create another form of HR thought leadership that can be shared with the hiring committee? Find a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd while adding to your job application 'packet.'


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