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A new retailer has launched in the UK called Frillo, they claim to sell with no mark-up on items, instead adding charges on before the end of purchase. Could this type of pricing catch on? We all know companies mark-up products, do we really care how much mark up is been added?

New to the forum so thought it is worth a discussion. I'm unsure myself, i just want as much as possible for my money.
Michael Peggs

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Hi domstevens,

I'm an entrepreneur and CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and the Frillo model seems not only interesting, but more than feasible. Think of the movie theater business. Cinemas break even on the sale of tickets, but make most of their money on add-ons like concessions. The movie theatre business is all about the sale of popcorn and soda, both of which have HUGE margins. 

I'm not in the retail business, but Profits and Losses are all about your margins and those margins can come from the sale of goods or extra during the checkout process. I would be very interested in learning more, but hope this helps!


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