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I had a phone interview earlier this week and now the company is paying to fly me down at the end of next week, and put me up in the hotel that I would be working for. In your experiences, has this meant that they want to meet me in person to offer me the job? Or, is this just the next step in the hiring process?

Nick Gagalis

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Thanks for posting your question here!

I'm not an expert myself (but I am an employee at CAREEREALISM), but from what I have heard from others in a similar situation, there really is a final interview. Even if the employer said it would be a formality, I'd err on the side of treating it like the real thing. Unless you know how many other people are getting flown in (if any), then you don't know exactly where they are in the decision-making process.

Here are a couple of our posts that will help you prepare for the interview. Let us know if they help!

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In the meantime, I'm looking forward to what the experts will suggest for you. Thanks again for sharing your situation with us.

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