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I relocated to a new city in June of last year. Upon arriving I interviewed with several companies and took a job. After about 5 months or so the job was not working out as planned and the position was going to have to change. They were going to require me to do much more overnight travel, over 50%. I have no desire to do all that traveling. Right around the time I was told about this change, one of the previous companies I was in contact with reached back out to me and I eventually accepted a job with them. I’ve now been with this company for about 3 months. This company was not upfront with me in terms of hours and days required to work. Shortly after I started with this company they mandated 9 hour work days and every other Saturday we work half a day. Not one of the 4 people I interviewed with gave me this expectation. If they had, I would never have accepted the position. I’ve since had a meeting with my boss regarding these expectations and it doesn’t appear that anything is going to change. I really don’t want to get back out on the job market, but my freetime is just too important to me and I feel that I must make a change. I plan on reaching out to some of my contacts that I made when I originally got in town, as I did make a lot of contacts. I’m also going to put my resume back out there. I realize this will not look good on my resume as I’ve changed jobs twice within a year already and now I’m looking again to change.

I’m trying to figure out what the best way to handle this situation. Just to recap the timeline, when I got into town I worked at Company A for 5 months, now my current position at Company B for 3 months.

My questions are as follows:

  • I know some of the companies I was in touch with previously know that I took a job with Company A, so I don’t see anyway around listing Company A and B on my resume and having to explain the whole story. But when it comes to putting my resume out there, and contacting companies that I haven’t been previously involved with, should I try to change the date that I moved on my resume to close the gap a bit and completely wipe Company A off of it?

  • As for the companies that do know I took a job with Company A, should I just be completely honest about what has happened, or should I try to spin it a particular way?

Michael Peggs

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Hi bennerj,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I believe honesty is always the best policy. The fear in omission, like any other half-truth, is that you get lost in a lie and forget what you told and to whom. That being said, you're right that your multiple roles in one year may cause some concern with future employers. My suggestion is to learn from the past: be candid about what happened so you can set the right expectations moving forward. Particularly if you're reaching out to people you know, leverage the goodwill you've built and keep it real.

The world is small, particularly with social media and you don't want to raise anymore red flags by hiding the truth!

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