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Ryan G - 87

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Hi all,

Firstly, I'd like to thank any advisers in advance who go to the trouble of reading this and detailing their thoughts to me. I know it sounds cheesy, but I have no second guesses about how busy you all probably are so if you decide to give me a hand with this - muchas gracias! [smile]

To give you an overview of where I am: about 2-3 years ago, I graduated from Loughboro Uni with a 2.1 in Engineering Physics and following that, got an MPhil (basic research degree) in Applied Physics.  Despite being bright eyed and bushy tailed upon graduation (as always with grads before the real world kicks in! Haha), I still wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life. So, based off of the need to get a job ASAP, I opted for a career in Engineering... mostly because it seemed like the most 'practical' option and my qualifications meant that I could (with some additional prep work, ofcourse).

Since then I have had two jobs that haven't worked out as well as I'd hoped. Both have lasted around 7/8 months time (both being on a probationary basis, I haven't had an official contract to date). I lost the last one about a fortnight ago. I feel the root-cause of this more than anything has been a lack of passion for the nuts-and-bolts nature of the industry. Though I am certainly capable as an engineer and always worked-hard in my roles, I have a hard time picturing myself doing it long-term and building a happy and fulfilling career out of it. In my experience, it just seems too analytically focused and 'cold' as an industy, and now that I have some time to reflect on my next steps - I feel that at this stage, it is so important to push-forward in the right direction before I jump into another job out of necessity and do more harm than good to my career (that's a big worry of mine at the mo).

The advice that I've usually seen is to choose a direction that suits your personality, as opposed to trying to make your personality suit your direction. As an individual I am quite open, progressive-minded and enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts. Although money is important to me, it's certainly not the root of my motivation; I feel that if I am doing something I enjoy and am passionate about, then money will come as a natural by-product of my success. I guess I just want to do something long-term that has depth, meaning and adds a dash of real value to the world - something that isn't just another part of the short-term, quarterly cycle profiteering that you so often see across industries (I know... I'm probably ruling out a lot of options here! [wink] )

For this reason, I've been doing a fair amount of reading into sustainable business and 'b-corps' within the UK - it seems like something I could develop genuine passion for. The issue for me it seems would be finding an entry point, I've had no experience within anything of this sort and competition in this market is typically stiff. Do any of you fine folks have any advice with regards to embarking on something like this? Are there any structured programs out there through which you can 'get your foot in the door', or am I thinking too 'inside-the-box' here?

Aside from that, I truly am stuck for ideas at the moment. Based off of what I have written here, could any of you suggest some areas/industries/roles for me to research and look into more? I'm more than happy to put the research and background reading in if you guys are happy to throw a few suggestions at me! [smile]

Any help I can get in this would be highly appreciated on my part!

Thank you,

Ryan (27)
Amanda Haddaway

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Hi Ryan,

I think you're on the right track. I would suggest that you continue your research and find out who the key players are in existing sustainable businesses near you. Reach out to these people on LinkedIn or attend in-person networking events where they may be present. Perhaps there are industry-specific groups that host events. Although these are often sponsored by the groups and may require membership, contact the organizers and ask if you can "try" an event before you join. Many groups are receptive to this type of thing because they want to grow their membership.

Once you make some contacts in the field, continue researching what types of opportunities exist. There may be an opportunity for an internship or co-op (yes, internships aren't just for students!). I'm not certain of your financial needs, so you may need to structure the internship in off hours or for a limited amount of time each week to make it work with your schedule. It is, however, a great opportunity to gain in-field experience.

Good luck!
Nick Gagalis

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These posts should help you with creating a network, as Amanda suggested:

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