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I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from your website's content. Keep up the good work! 

I would like expert advice on an issue.  But first a little about my job search strategy for some context. 

My strategy is to first connect with someone (via LinkedIn usually) who either works at the company I'm targeting or who recently left the company.  This has usually been a fellow college alum or through people I have in common with the individual on LinkedIn.  We talk on the phone or Skype and I ask them to connect me to someone they know at the target company and I email them my resume, an 'about me' statement that describes what I'm looking for and a link to a job posting from the company if one is available.  People are very kind and they pass on my email to their former colleagues.     

But that is when the lead goes dead.  After my connection sends my email to their colleagues, I have yet to hear back from the current employees of the company I am targeting.  In this situation, I'm not exactly sure what the proper etiquette is to follow.  How do I best follow up/make a personal connection with these current employees in order to get the conversation started on my candidacy for the opportunities I'm interested in and to learn about other ones?  Does Careerealism have an existing article or webinar that could help me? 

Thank you for your anticipated help. Feel free to ask me any follow up questions for clarity.  
Michael Peggs

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Hi Sina_Aboutalebi,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I love your approach but you must follow through! Your goal is to build a relationship, not make a single contact. Both your contact and your contact's contact have no real investment in you because you have not invested in them. Rather than stopping with a phone call or Skype chat, I would figure out what you can do for them before you ask something so big as a job referral!


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Hello Michael, 

Thank you for your reply.  

Learning about how I can help them is something I plan on figuring out when I talk with them. But it all starts with a conversation that I currently cannot seem to get them to have with me right now.  Any tips?  

Many thanks! 


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