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I'm starting to feel defeated in the job search. I'm searching for a meeting/event planning position anywhere in the country (I'm in DC now and am ready to get as far away as possible!). I currently work for a hotel where I have been for two years. I also have 4 years prior experience in other hotels.

I've had several phone interviews, but nothing has gone further than that. Some of the interviews, I know I botched and have adjusted accordingly. However, some of the interviews have been really short and the only question I was asked was concerning my salary. Are you not supposed to answer this question at all? Considering I live in a place with a very high cost of living, I know I can't expect to get my exact salary elsewhere in the country (I've interviewed for positions in Oregon, Seattle, Savannah, Ohio). I try to make this clear to the recruiter, but feel this is where the interview goes south.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of any recruiters who specialize in the hospitality field? Or, any other general advice? My lease is up in May, so I would like to have something nailed down soon.

Thank you!

Amanda Haddaway

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The dreaded salary question! As someone who has worked in recruiting, I ask this question a lot, but I hate to answer it when the tables are turned. Recruiters are usually given a salary range and asking this question easily eliminates some of the candidates if there are a lot of applicants for a single position. Rather than throw out a number initially, perhaps you should ask the recruiter what the range is for the position and indicate that you're very flexible. Most people know that the cost of living in DC is one of the highest in the country, but they may not understand why you would be willing to make less money for the right opportunity.

On a somewhat related note, have you also explored working for associations? There are a number of national associations that are headquartered in DC and hire event and meeting planners. These organizations represent varying and vast career fields and interests.
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