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Hi guys ... Well I'm stuck in some career issues, and I want everyone's honest advice ..

IT folks, your response is specially appreciated because I'm related to IT ..

Well guys, I've been working as a Software Engineer for the last 2-3 years .. During this time, I'm mainly worked on BPM and Middleware development, however I've always found this to be boring .. I actually like my hands-on kind of development, in stuff like C#, Java, etc ..

Problem is, that because I'm no longer a fresh candidate I feel that it will be harder for me to switch to another Software Engineer job with deals with C#, Java, etc., because I've primarily not worked in those areas .. Thus, recruiters of those companies look either at fresh candidates, or experienced candidates who HAVE actively worked in C#, Java, etc ..

So what do I do to move myself from where I am, to where I want to be ?

Also, after I finished my Bachelors in May 2008, for 1 year I was actually in the Telecom sector, however I didn't like that much either. Then from June 2009 ~ June 2011, I was doing Masters in the US via Fulbright Scholarship .. The 2-3 years I've mentioned above start from after returning from the US ..
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I'd suggest taking on side projects in the languages you want to get better in (either approved by your boss while you're at work or independently away from company time).

Try to find out how the skills you do have could help in one of the jobs you want, whether it's just from IT familiarity or some other strategy you learned that could help.

If you can get better in the required skills and (even more importantly) show how the skills you have can give you an advantage, you'll be in great shape.

Thanks for sharing your issue from us! I look forward to hearing what our career experts have to say.

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