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Hi All,

I am really wanting a teaching position that just opened up where I live. The process is apply with the BOA and they weed through the resumes and then forward to the principal(from what I have been told). My question is with the current job market and it being so competitive I thought about e-mailing the principal and introducing myself and give him some highlights of my career or goals. I need to stand out and this is the only way I can think of doing it. Any suggestions or feedback or what I should say? 


Thanks, MJ

Amanda Haddaway

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You'll still need to follow the regular application procedures, but I think making this additional contact shows your interest and motivation in obtaining the position. More and more people are networking their ways into jobs, rather than submitting a resume and hoping for the best. If you can get name recognition in advance, that can only help you. Good luck!
Nick Gagalis

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Good luck in your pursuit of the job! These resources may help you regardless of which school you end up at:

5 Ways Teachers Can Earn Some Extra Cash
7 Sweet Summer Jobs For Teachers

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Hi mojo322
I believe anybody gave you a clear answer. Here is one:

-All applicants will follow the normal process, without looking for provinding added value and trying to differentiate and be noticed by the principal.

-If you want to stand out (which is a very good thing), show in your email to the principal that you are able to provide more value that the other applicants. That you are proactive.

-Here is an example of how to stand out:
*Perform a short study about your future students profile before sending the email to the principal. Then prepare a 5 pages pdf report in which you will propose to the princpal some solutions that may help to elevate the education level of the students, and above all that may support the end-results that the principal is looking at.
*Then attach the pdf report to your email and refer to it in your email with a short explanation. That's it [smile]

Hope this helps,
You can contact me privately for more tips,
Wish you good success in your application!

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