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My name is Karim Saleh from Jordan.

I finished my bachelor study as Software Engineer. After that I get a master’s degree in Business Administration. I worked for several companies as Administrate and sales person. The last company I have worked I was interesting in marketing of automotive sector.

Tomorrow I have an interview for marketing Service Company.

  I really confused how to continue my career process.

1.       Sales and marketing in Computer sector

2.       Sales and marketing in automotive sector

3.       Working for Marketing Services agency.


Please help


Thank you very much


Nick Gagalis

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Here are a couple of posts that could help you determine which way to go. Keep in mind any personal preferences you may have, as well as which sector you think has the best potential for growth in the future.

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Let me know if there's any other way we can help! If you'd like more in-depth career coaching, check out our sister site, CareerHMO.

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