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Hi There

Can anyone (who has maybe been a recruiter but others please chip in) answer why companies do not like to advertise their company name in job ads?  It would be a lot easier for me if they did as I would probably not apply for some jobs knowing the company.  Also for people who have a job, I could see that you might apply to your own company if you were applying for a job with a similar title in the same industry.

Lisa Adams

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James, good question.  Many times a company does not list their name in the job post for these reasons.
1.  For this particular job, the company is continually vetting candidates.  May be for turn over or demanding jobs or may because it is the area of the company that is continually growing.
2.  Individual that is in the job either hasn't  left yet / may not know they are being shifted out - usually only at the C level.
3.  May have a poor employment brand.
Hope that is helpful,

Amanda Haddaway

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Hi James,

I agree with Lisa's reasons. I've seen this done when the company is seeking replacements for someone who is still in the job. In the case of classified employment ads (yes, some companies still use the "old fashioned" newspaper!), the companies are paying by the word, so they may try to trim the ad down to only the essential information.

I would encourage you to still apply and see what happens.

Nick Gagalis

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