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How do I position multiple career targets - using the same transferable skills but 2 different industries? 
Nick Gagalis

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I'd suggest finding out if any companies you're applying to think one or some of the skills you have are more important than any others you're putting in your resume/cover letter/interview. Make sure that what you can do for them is prioritized for their preferences.

As we've suggested for many other job seekers, try building a network in each industry you want to work in and see how the process differs for each one. If you can tailor your approach to the various needs of the people and companies you're involved with, you will be in a great spot to make the right impression.

Don't be afraid to show off your versatility in your headline and the body of your profile.

If you look through the job descriptions for positions you want, you'll be able to find the right language to use for your account. If there's similar terminology between the two industries, you'll be even more efficient in your profile setup. If not, just make sure that the skills, programs and words that are important to each industry are relevantly woven into a few different parts of your profile so you'll impress people no matter what job they have.

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