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I find it kind of laughable that in this economy, I have a "problem" like this. I'm in the running for 3 possibly 4 jobs, and I can't decide which one to take.

I'm currently in the running for 3 jobs. I have a conditional offer for 1, 1 I have a second interview for, and I third I have been waiting for a month to hear back from.

I'm 21 years old and just graduated college with a two years associates degree. All three jobs are the same work (911 dispatcher), (runs in my family). I enjoyed observing the different dispatch centers, and I just felt great being in there, so it's something that I want to do. I live in Wisconsin. I currently make 10.50 an hour, and work all,shift and my hours range from 15 a week to 40.

The first place I have a conditional offer from is Nashville,TN. I'm in love with the city and the people down there. The weather is a lot nicer then Wisconsin. If I took the job offer, I would be moving by myself away from everyone. I have one cousin in Nashville, but he's about 65 years old. He's a great guy, but he would be the only person I would know. The cost of living is way lower, plus no state taxes. The pay rate starts at about 14/hour in one year it jumps up to about 16.50/ hour. The 3rd year it jumps to about 18.50/hour and the 4th year it jumps to about 22/hour. It would be tough starting off, but eventually the cost of living vs. pay would be better down there. It starts may 5th

The second place is the one I really really want. It's about 3'hours away, but still in WI. Starting pay is between 18-21 an hour. You work 7 days straight 10 hours a day, and then you are off for 7'days straight. I know that sound weird, but I just love that schedule. There is a lot of overtime available, and even though it equals 35 hours a week, they pay you for 40. It's in a college town, where I could meet girls and more friends easily then my current home. They have done a background investigation, but they haven't said anything yet. My moms friend knows the person in charge of hiring and he said she has been on vacation. No word on starting time.

The 3rd place is for dispatch right in my home county. I wouldn't have to move, and it's 5 minutes from my apartment. The starting pay is 21 an hour. I have had my 1st interview which they moved me on to a final interview on March 17th. The person who does the final interview is a good friend of my moms, she told me the questions the 1st interviews would ask, and I even had her husband write me a letter of recommendation. I know I can't say I'm guaranteed a job, but for this forum lets just say they are going to offer me a job. The job would start April 11.

I really want the second job, it would be the best for me. The only problem is ill only have about 3 weeks from the offer from the job close to home to the start date. I could take the one close to home, but a part of me wants to hold out for the 2nd job.

I guess I'm just looking for advice. I know a lot of people would love to,have one job offer, and would kill to have 3. My heart says Nashville, my brain says the one close to home if they offer, but my gut says hold out for the one you really want. The only advice I don't want is to say none of these jobs are even full offers, I fully understand that, I just want advice for them if/when they do become full offers. Thanks I'm advance!

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How did your final interview go with the place close to home? Has that changed anything for you?
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