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In April I will be done with chemotherapy. I stopped working in August when I was diagnosed. I have done 6 weeks of radiation and will have completed 6 months of chemotherapy. How do I explain the gap in my work history? Should I be honest and tell them I was diagnosed with cancer? I'm thinking that doesn't make me a very good potential employee. Any suggestions how to handle this on my resume and at any potential interviews?
Nick Gagalis

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Congratulations on fighting so hard!

I'm interested to see what our career experts suggest for you, but based on some other job seekers we've helped in the past, it seems honesty is the best policy.

Here are a few tips that may help you bridge the gap in your employment.

Good luck!

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Michael Peggs

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Hi Lori314,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I thank you for your question. Be honest and upfront with your diagnosis and your fight. What you think "doesn't make me a very good potential employee" can also be viewed as courage and tenacity in the eye of a hiring manager and recruiter. Don't discount your achievements. Most of us can appreciate taking time to take care of yourself and you don't want to work for/with a person that doesn't!

Here's to a continued healthy recovery!


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