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Due to personal reasons last year, i had to quit my job as Functional project manager, now i am job hunting for few months...but not getting a good offer in line with
 - My experience - almost 7 years in project management in my previous job
-  My qualifications- Btech , PMP certification
- Multiple awards for good performance

i am looking for a manager role...but due to exp being only 7 years , i am getting offers for lower level positions

I am contemplating doing a course in SAP -ABAP or DOT get technical skills which may help to get better offers....kindly suggest if this would help ?

Any other suggestion on how to proceed?

Nick Gagalis

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I'm not familiar with what those programs/qualifications are, but speak with a few people in your industry at your former level, and see if many of those people have done/taken those. You may ultimately have to take a lower position to get back into the workforce, but that's not a terrible thing. You could end up getting a promotion and/or raise earlier than someone who is just starting at that level.
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Michael Peggs

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Hi littledevil,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and it sounds like you're getting offers but none are satisfactory. The good news is that you're marketable, but unfortunately the market might have changed. Like Nick, I suggest speaking to colleagues, looking at sites like and attending industry events to get a pulse on your expectations. It might not be that additional skills are required, but competition is tough. Before jumping into additional certifications, education and potential debt, I would make sure that the knowledge you seek is valued at the higher levels you seek.


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