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I recently had my resume professionally written.  The company included a recommendation type quote from someone at my previous employer near the top of the first page.  I understand quotes are trending this year.  But, do employers and hiring managers know that yet?  How do you feel about using quotes in a resume?  More importantly, how do employers feel about that?

Also given the space considerations in a resume, is a quote up front, better than a list of previous publications later on in the resume?

Thanks for your insight.

Michael Peggs

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Hi unemployed_1959,

I'm a Careerealism Career Expert, and the thing to remember is that recruiters will give you 6 seconds to make an impression. Most often, what they care about most is your current company, title, start and end dates. Regardless of the mechanism (e.g. quote, summary, objective, etc.), you want to capture their attention while positioning your candidacy in the right light. I would pay less attention to HOW, and focus on the WHAT. 

I prefer leading with a declarative brand statement, "Nursing professional with 10 years assisting young patients." That said, I feel a quote can work as long as its concise while still being all-encompassing. That's the difficult part!


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