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I so need some guidance, I am feeling very discouraged and hopeless at this point. I was born and raised in Europe, Fluent in five languages and have a Bachelors degree in International Business. I moved to Arizona 14 years ago. I am struggling to find right job due to career inconsistencies. I started working in a yacht club in my early 20's. From the yacht club management I moved to Caribbean and worked for Carnival Cruise Lines as a Purser. From Caribbean I moved to Arizona and worked in International Relocation for 6 years. Then I got pregnant with my twins and resigned my job so I can be stay at home mom. I went to work after 4 years of being full time mom. I had enough savings to support us. I was in International HR working as a Global Mobility Manager. In early 2009 I was laid off.  Then I started my own business in renewable energy facilitating financing for large scale solar and wind projects. After five years of being self employed I am back on the job market. My professional experience is very unique however, I know that I have lots of transferable skills. I am a single mom, used to make very nice income. During interview I often hear that I am overqualified. At the moment  I am looking at jobs that pay $12 an hour but I can support my twins and myself on that income. My whole family is overseas I can't move anywhere due to my children. I have no help. I used to have the highest credit score but now I am behind on my credit cards and my credit is ruined. As we well know all the companies are checking credit scores before they hire us. I can use any help or guidance. I can't afford career coaching or counseling. Thank you so much in advance.
Lisa Adams

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Hi Arielle,

I am sorry for your challenges.  There is hope though.  You can land and still take care of you beautiful twins.  I have multiple answers / suggestions for you.

The overqualified statement comes from employers when they do not want a new employee to depart once they find a new and better job.  You have to be sold out for the $12 / hr job and show them you are a part of their "tribe" audience / that you get what it is that they do.  Let them know this is what you want to do and yes, previously you have had some higher end experience but for your life right now you would like a change of pace (choose what makes sense for wording here that tells your story but doesn't share all the personal details.  Keep it business.)

As for the credit score, when your interviewing goes past the 1st interview handle this objection / concern with the HR person or hiring manager.  Just to let you know I have a past challenge with my credit but I am proactively working this out to make it does not happen again..... Again no need to give too many details just to them them know you know about your credit score and are working to fix this.  Most employers want to know an employees is not going to be a hazard to their business.  If you take responsibility for your credit that shows maturity and a pro activeness most employers appreciate.

Lastly I would say to still consider finding a higher paying position.  What you want to do next is make a list of the transferable skills you have. Focus in on the hard skills that can be measurable. Look at your skills and think of at least one problem you love to solve (for an employer) using the skills you have.  What would you like to do and how?  Target companies that do this work you would love to do.  Networking into each company.  You want employees at the companies to get to know you first and what you can help them accomplish before they see your work history.  

I know I have alot here Arielle.  I hope this helps.

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No real advice from me, only some words of encouragement.  My wife stayed home for 18 years to raise our girls and recently reentered the workforce.  Like you she faced some challenges finding employment.  When she did land a job things really took off for her.  In the two years since she has been back to work she went from 13.00/hr to now making around 75k.  She never had a career prior to reentering the workforce, she always had lower paying office admin jobs, now she has a career.

Staying home to raise your children can seem like a huge sacrifice but the betterment of your children quickly out way that.  It is a shame that more employers do not respect and appreciate the men and women who make this decision.  To me it speaks volumes about a persons character and values.

Good Luck, hang in there and I know that you will excel where ever you land, Mom's always do.

Nick Gagalis

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Here are a few posts that should help you prove that your over-qualification isn't a problem (or how to downplay it).

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