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I am an Electronics and Instrument Field Tech (seismic oilfield, Antarctic research station, research vessels) who has been out of professional work since 2008.  I conducted a job search during this period but was rather complacent due to an interest in equities trading.  While this endeavor was very much an arduous full time job I think that a prospective employer may look at it as a frivolous indulgence.

The resume entry would appear as follows:

Equities Investor/Trader- Self employed.   Jul-2008 – 2013


·   Completion of fourteen week curriculum in live online Swing Trading College course- Lectures by Larry Connors, CEO Trading Markets. (Intensive study of quantitative approach to equities trading).

·     Studied “The Technical Analysis Course” by Thomas Meyers. 

·     Successfully applied chart analysis and quantitative analysis to equities trading.


Responsibilities & Skills.


Equity investing, utilize news, chart analysis tools and quantitative algorithms to invest capital:

·     Analyze securities:  understand and utilize multiple algorithm sorts of stock data bases .   

·     Implement various indicators criterion such as such as McClellan Oscillator, 2-day RSI, Chaikin Money Flow, moving average crossovers, key support and resistance levels, statistical Fibonacci Retrace analysis and Don Worden’s indicators- Time Segmented Volume (TSV) and Moneystream (MS).  

·     Apply principles to successful investment strategies.

As I say, have been busy.  But I want to get back to the real world and have certainly lost a measure of credibility.  Do I run with this or just leave a big gap?

Thank you for your insights and opinions.

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