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Nick Gagalis

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The first piece of news we're sharing in the news section is...

There is a CAREEREALISM forum.

You're probably saying, "Duh, Nick. We're on it right now."

I figured I'd get the hard part out of the way and just write a post. This topic is more for YOU to tell US the types of things you'd like CAREEREALISM and our forum members to provide, whether it's for the forum or on our website.

Is there any career news we should know about from outside our website?

What trends do you think are developing in the workplace?

Share any or all of that in this section.

Happy Posting!

CAREEREALISM User Experience & Content Manager

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Let’s take a look and we can see that one prominent branding figure Richard Firth, CTO of JDP Limited, said, “With an on-demand market strategy, you aren’t trying to buy the views of potential customers but are presenting your service to customers who want that service.”

In practical terms, forget the flowery language and nonsense titles of the last decade. Prospective employers want to know everything about you…yesterday. That is the principle of branding we will work on in this guide.

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