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I am currently looking to get out of my current situation located in the very dull state of Indiana.  I would like to move to a larger, more modern location like Seattle or San Francisco but I feel like I may be getting overlooked when I apply for jobs because of my location.  What is the best way to reflect my desire and willingness to move?


- Jason
Lisa Adams

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Hi Jason,

2 Great cities to move to.
You are not alone in this challenge.  First you need to determine your target.  Job, industry, and city.  Then you need to decide do you want this relocation to be funded by the employer or are you going to fund it.  Next is deciding your move time frame especially if you are funding it.  Letting potential employers know of your intent to move and date are key.  Most employers won't look at a candidate until they know this.

You best solution in addition to the above questions to ask yourself is to do a disruptive job search.  Identify your target role, industry and top 10 companies.  Then network into them.  Begin to let people at your target companies get to know you and what you can bring to the table. You can then reflect your desire and willingness to move in your networking conversations after you build a baseline connection.  Many times this will help alleviate the relocation concern.

Hope that helps.

Amanda Haddaway

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Information about your plans to relocate is something that can be included in a cover letter. I'm more inclined to consider an out-of-area candidate if I know he/she already has plans to move near the position location and won't take months to sell a house, move, etc.
Nick Gagalis

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