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Nick Gagalis

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What goals do you have for the upcoming year? Are you trying to get a new job, a promotion or something else?

Whatever your career resolution is, we have a method that will help you achieve what you're hoping to do.

Starting in January, we have the CAREEREALISM Career Buddy Challenge. All you have to do to participate is define your goal, find a friend or mentor, and hold each other accountable for updates on your progress.

We'd love to hear what your resolutions are here. You could even buddy up with another forum member to make sure you reach your goal.


I haven't picked my career buddy yet, but my BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) is to be an NHL Broadcaster and balance it with a full-time job in Marketing.

My 2014 career resolution is to make myself a bigger part of the NHL media landscape by connecting with (and creating mutually beneficial relationships with) as many people in the industry as I can.

I also want to turn the CAREEREALISM Forum into a 1,000+ member discussion board by the end of this year and get our first five clients for our Employment Branding Program.

What's your 2014 career resolution? Feel free to post it here!

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I suggest that you look at a few more options if you have not chosen your career yet. It's important that you get a better idea of what's out there. Personally, I suggest looking at international employment. It may seem pretty far fetched, but there are thousands of employment opportunities abroad that have not been tapped into at all. When I was looking for work, I decided to get in touch with an employment agency and look at working in another country just because my industry was so saturated with applicants. The best employment agency I came across for international employment was I got access to so many companies and they instantly had the information on my job experience so they contacted me when they saw a fit and I was hired pretty quickly. I honestly would recommend them to everyone. 

Best of luck to you!  [wink]


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Hey everyone!

Here are my goals for 2014...

Personal: Get financially fit.
  • Create a manageable budget and stick with it
  • Save a set portion of each paycheck for a house
Professional: Build online presence.
  • Determine brand message and style
  • Create personal website
  • Update social channels regularly
  • Guest post on at least one outside publication per month


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Lisa Adams

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Love the resolutions team.  Here are mine for 2014.

Theme for the year:  TIME TO THRIVE

- Get healthy with green diet and consistent workouts, even dance classes
- Create and publish content weekly
- Create a regular weekly schedule and stick to it.
- Just as I do every year - read at least one book per month
- Learn how to paint with acrylics and create mosaics

Let's do this!

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Hi everyone!

My 2014 goals are the following:

>Continue my healthy regimen
>Update my weekly blog/twitter
>Work my bucket list of companies
>Organize my LinkedIn connections
>Read more within my area of expertise, The Fraud Magazine


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My name is Naveed and I am a Pakistani journalist but I have recently retired as a professor in a leading university of Pakistan. I have been thinking way before I was near retirement that what will be my hobbies after I get retired. I was clear in mind that I wanted to write and share my views and I have been successful in doing so.

But my plans for 2014 are that I want to be part of an organizations that works for the betterment and improvement of Pakistani youth; the main aim of this organization will be to come up with more career options for the youth such as now a days jobs in international sales , content writing, and other jobs are gaining height in Pakistan and so more people should be encourage to do  them! and they should get proper training and all.. so this is my 2014 resolution!
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