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Nick Gagalis

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Is there something that you knocks you out of a productive mindset at work sometimes? How do you deal with it and get back to work?

I find that checking a sports website when I haven't told myself I'm taking a break can throw me off. Before I click on any articles, I ask myself if it's worth taking a break now, versus one I planned to take later. If I was really moving along with something or there's an urgent matter to attend to, then I exit the window. If not, then I check an article or two, knowing that I won't be able to do it later.

EDIT: We have an article on our site about the seven biggest time wasters at work.

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Michael Peggs

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Hi Nick,

I'm a CAREEREALISM Career Expert, and I get distracted quite often at work and home. My trick is to give myself the time for a break. If I'm productive for 2 hours straight than I might reward myself with a 15 minute Facebook break. Or, if I find myself reading the same paragraph a few times over then I'll get up and walk around to stimulate my senses.

It's hard to work hours on end, so I set small milestones and then reward myself at each stage until I've completed the larger goal.


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