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At the end of December, my previous employer and I reached a mutual understanding that the job simply was not working out. I still have that job on my resume as "present" and I refer to it in my cover letter as "current position." When is it appropriate to put the end date on my resume and refer to it as my "most recent position"? I'm actively searching for a new job, and am sending out my resume and cover letter multiple times a day. I don't want to mislead a potential hiring manager, but I also am not sure how it looks that I currently do not have a job.

Thank you so much for your feedback- I greatly appreciate it.


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Hello nschlem,
Are you still in this position today or did you leave it at the end of December?
Many thanks.


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Hi Julien,

I left the position at the end of December and am now looking for a new job, but it still says it on my resume/cover letter.
Lisa Adams

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Hi nschlem,
The question I have back to you is, if a potential new employer was to call your recently "past" employer what answer would they get for dates of employment?
If they will get xyz to December 2013, you need to change your end time in LinkedIn.  On your resume just use years.  Do not use months for time of employment.
Nick Gagalis

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Here's a video (and a list of other posts) about how to address this issue nschlem.

How To Explain A Job Gap On Your Resume

Hopefully these help!

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